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Full Moon Meditation

The following is a silent sitting meditation most advisable to sit in a quiet place with the phone ring turned off. Do a few stretches before the actual meditation time.
Sit in a comfortable position on a chair or with a cushion/sitting bench on the floor, so that you may sit comfortably upright for the next one hour.  It helps to tilt your pelvis forward by sitting on the edge of a chair or placing a cushion below your sit-bones.   From your tailbone upwards let your back adjust itself to a straight position. Make sure to include your head. Have your hands gently rested on top of your thighs with either your palms facing up or downward. Gently close your eyes.
While keeping your upper body upright, relax the other parts of your body. Look at your tension areas like your forehead, your eyes, your jaw, your shoulders, your belly or any other typical areas you like to tense. One by one, consciously relax those parts of your body you don’t need for sitting upright. Do this conscious survey from top to bottom and back to top. Are you curling your fingers or toes? Release. Release any tensions out of your body.
Look at your emotions. Internally release any emotional up-holdings. If they are too strong to melt away, make a mental note to take a separate time to deal with your emotions. Imagine a river stream and let your emotions be carried away with the water.
Bring your focus to your breath flow in your belly. Consciously establish diaphragmatic breathing. Breathe deeply from your diaphragm. Let your system establish its own breath rhythm. In case your breath is jerky, not regular, noisy or making pauses, give it some time and commitment to find its allowance into a rhythmic 1:1 regular, continuous and silent flow. No pressure, no force, simply allow your breath to flow naturally and by time it will find its own continuous flow.
Lots of thoughts? Be gentle with yourself. Make friends with your mind. Any topics your mind is struggling with? Give those topics names and wrap them up into nice gift wrapping paper and put them aside, later for you to re-open and discover. Lovingly, guide your mind back to the movement of your diaphragm with your natural breath flow. Let your mind merge into the rhythmic continuous flow of your breath.
Give yourself the allowance to just BE, merged in the rhythmic continuous flow of your breath.
Take the image of the full moon in front of your closed eyes and visualize the light of the full moon shining on to you and clearing your system. Celebrate the coolness and clarity of that light.
Connect to all your teachers. Feel the community of meditators sitting at the same time with you during this hour around the globe. In our hearts we are all connected.

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