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Mini Meditations to Return into Serenity in Moments
Stressed? Needing a quick pause in a busy schedule? Wanting to be more present? Wanting to add (more) meditation into your private and professional life?
Here are some 1-4 minute approaches to easily integrate into any busy schedule.
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One-on-One Sessions
Meditation and Spiritual Life-Style Support

Meditation Transmission
Devi will remotely be sitting with you in meditation supporting the frequency of your practice.
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Meditation Guidance
For meditation practices and how to integrate meditation into your daily life.
Devi also answers questions on Yoga and Vedic philosophy
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Breathing Life
This session creates somatic awareness and deepens your intake of breath and oxygen.
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FREE Meditation Samples:

Full Moon Guided Meditation Video

Full Moon Meditation

2-Minute Meditation by Swami Veda Bharati

History of the Full Moon Meditation and Inspirations