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Working with Devi

My vision for you

I am dedicated to support you to find your soul’s calling and your own truth. With Dolphin Movement I am offering an embodied pathway of transcendence shared through remote high frequency energy sessions and my body of work of Seven Sacred Rhythms for you to live on Earth from your Divine Nature.

I support you to love yourself, your tears as much as your joy, your fears as much as your victories. Dolphin Movement is about integrating spirit and body. It is an ascension journey into the body. We are here on this planet to embrace this human life. We can change the world if we change within, one by one.

I am holding space for you to find your own truth. My teachings are in alignment of an ancient lineage of ascended Masters. It is about freedom. This is to support you to step into your Divine nature, and be the love that is your true soul essence – unconditionally.

This is a pathway toward your true Self! It is a journey home!

I am here to tell you that you can trust yourself and that it is time to throw out any social, cultural, and parental conditioning. I will support you to identify your patterns and underlying beliefs and how to erase them out of your energy body.

At age two I had a near-death experience. At age fourteen I started my yoga practice. I have studied the ancient Vedic and Buddhist scriptures since 2001 and have mostly lived in ashrams since 2004 being in a state of meditation at all times. I am offering transmissions of true love—agape.

What a private session looks like

We have a conversation via e-mail about your intention for the session, what matters to you in your life and your present commitments or challenges. We agree on a time in which you are resting, generally while you are sleeping and with your and your higher Self’s permission I will energetically read and support your system. In communication with your higher Self I will identify created tendencies that no longer serve you and remove energetic dust, cords, etc. clearing your system as necessary.

Then I will spend time refilling your energy bodies with higher frequencies. Alternatively, the session may merely be focused on sending higher frequencies into you. Afterwards I will send you a write-up of the highlights of the session and offer behavior changes and practices to keep the new in place. These may include insights and affirmations for future steps and manifestations, practical guidance, suggestion of practices that will enable you to build new strength, stand up for what matters to you, a positive outlook, a healthy life-style, and the manifestation of your dreams.

Suggested practices may include guidance for meditation. Meditation practices are useful tools to prepare yourself for important meetings, public speeches and meeting clients. These may include somatic awareness practices and movement that support you to identify the cues of your body and find more ease and relaxation.

These are remote sessions. A session lasts 30 or 60 minutes. If you prefer longer sessions please inquire with Devi.

24 hour cancellation policy. Full payment is required if a session is missed or cancelled within less than 24 hours before appointment.